Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A new book from my husband

Tonight I have begun to read a new book I received from my husband for Christmas.  Why I Return to Makoce by Lois Red Elk

This passage in the introduction spoke to me.

"As a child, I didn't like the city with all the cars, so many buildings, and people rushing down the sidewalks; hurried and unfriendly, they seemed like they were in a rush going somewhere they did not wish to reach. They only looked down or off into the air with stares that looked afraid, distracted, or troubled with an uneasy urgency. I wasn't related to any of them, and they seemed not to want to be a friend. I didn't want to live there. The stories were so full with so much to buy; I didn't think they would ever run out. And the sky was so gloomy and grey, as if it didn't like what was going on. I missed my grandmothers and wanted to go home." Lois Red Elk Why I Return to Makoce  Many Voice Press, c2015

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