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Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Toast to my "Wild" Girlfriends

I am blessed with several wonderful girlfriends, fellow travelers who love wild landscapes as much as I. Together, we have explored these places, on a regular occasion.

We are of a similar age and share between us a deep love and commitment to the Bad Lands. These are very smart and strong and brave women friends. My life is deeply enriched by their presence. Like many enduring friendships, we've seen highs and lows, standing by each other through the rollercoaster ride of life.

Two on my mind today are Valerie Naylor, now retired from the National Park Service, former Superintendent of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Jan Swenson, Executive Director of Badlands Conservation Alliance.

This photo was taken on our first wild adventure as a trio. The t-shirts are advertising White Butte, the high point of North Dakota. Although we've all been to the top, we didn't go there on this particular trip. On this weekend, we explored other Bad Lands places, some secret.

Jan, Valerie, and Lillian

May you all be as blessed with friends as I.

A toast to my wild girlfriends, far away or nearby. Keep your feet on the ground and your boots muddy.

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