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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Claws out

This is all I've got to say about today's news. You figure out the riddle.

Bullion Butte

Ok.  So we talk about Bullion Butte quite a lot at our house.

Big Butte, tiny win

More from the book Running With Antelope

"Change can be hard. Sometimes we need a wake-up call. A life-threatening event like heart surgery, a cancer scare.....But we can also just decide that we want to better ourselves, and our lives. We need to decide that we are worth it, and take that first step." Melanie Carvell Running with Antelope. pg. 142

To order go here The Dakota Institute "Running with Antelope"

Through the Looking Glass

Now I have participated in a FoxNews poll online whilst cataloging my copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. This copy was once owned by the late Alice Tirrell, the legendary "Tiger Tirrell", professor of history at Dickinson State College. A keeper!  Pencil signature by Dr. Tirrell.  


Today's DIY project at Red Oak House. Ready to mount later this week!


Do my own fishing on the local food co-op. Good soup.

Jane Eyre

Cataloging my copy of Jane Eyre by Emily Bronte reminds me of the first time I read it. Hold up in a camper with my mother in the Black Hills at a Forest Service campground with a couple of her young grandchildren (my brother's daughter and son) in a cold cold rain.

Morning Woodpecker

On a more serene note, there is a Hairy Woodpecker at my suet feeder this morning.  

Monday, January 30, 2017

The news

I grew up in a household where things ground to a halt when Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather came on the TV. That is, unless, we were chasing cows or picking rocks get the picture. Now I just mostly look at my Google phone.


To this day, in my mind, I can picture the view we had of the South China Sea from our house in Okinawa. That's all. p.s. I still stand like this. I no longer have the bathing cap.


Thinking of borders this morning.  Last time I was at the border was Big Bend National Park, Texas, where my husband and I met up with good friend Valerie Naylor of the National Park Service for a magical and memorable week.  Her generous exploration of a beloved landscape was marvelous in every way.  I took this photo of my husband Jim Fuglie cooling off in the Rio Grande.   It was the first time I'd stepped in the Rio Grande since I left Texas in 1970 where we lived on the border in El Paso while my father was stationed at Fort Bliss.

The Library of Congress

Here's a inspiring source of information no matter where you live.   Yes I have visited The Library of Congress on several occasions and have used the resources of this particular library for my lifetime and intend to continue to do so.  

American Memory

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Helen Mirren

An actress I admire very much.  I live vicariously through her work.

Helen Mirren


Sunset Missouri River

Space station

Winter in ND

Assorted past-times.  Getting over the hump of winter is always a good thing.  The Space Station is fascinating.   Yeah for the scientists!

Poetry and literature

Today I get to catalog our Wallace Stegner collection.  What a great American writer.

As to poetry, my friend Terry Tempest Williams shared this poem today via social media:  "Kindness" Naomi Shihab Nye, 1952


Exciting piece of mail arrived yesterday. Good for another ten years.

Park Rangers to the Rescue by Timothy Egan today

Park Rangers to the Rescue

And yes, I did work for the National Park Service and I'm damned proud of that brief service.   Much prouder still of my colleagues.

Friday, January 27, 2017

500th Anniversary of The Reformation

This is the 500th Anniversary of The Reformation. How will we contemplate this in our world today? Serious question.

Salmon patties

My husband is a great cook

Anger and hypocrisy

Anger and hypocrisy

Visit with Rachel

Visit day

Fun at Sanford

My children loved playing with these. Truth be told I love playing with these too.

Climate change

Will We Miss Our Last Chance to Survive Climate Change?

John Legend

John Legend Responds on his friend Kanye

Driving home

Driving home into the rising son with the eldest Fuglie son behind the wheel after an infusion of Badlands time.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Discussing TR Presidential Library

Medora public discussion on TR Presidential Library at public meeting in Medora

Oil spill update

Cleanup underway for oil spill

Peaceful Valley Ranch

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Winter study Butte

Winter study. Butte

Blowing snow and ice

Blowing snow and ice west of Bismarck on I94. Proceed with caution. Both hands on steering wheel.

"Why Write" by Terry Tempest Williams

Signed Medora 9 March 2008


So I'm a lifelong birdwatcher and my favorite tweets come outta birds but gotta keep up with the times so now I'm on Twitter. @WildDakotaWoman

Waiting to depart

This is what you do when you have a little winter time on your hands at my house.

Morning at Red Oak House in the life of Lizzie

" I'm going to plop down by this suitcase in the hopes that I'll be a part of this trip." 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Excellent essay. Enlightening read.

The Fallacies of the Dakota Access Pipeline “Argument”

A new book from my husband

Tonight I have begun to read a new book I received from my husband for Christmas.  Why I Return to Makoce by Lois Red Elk

This passage in the introduction spoke to me.

"As a child, I didn't like the city with all the cars, so many buildings, and people rushing down the sidewalks; hurried and unfriendly, they seemed like they were in a rush going somewhere they did not wish to reach. They only looked down or off into the air with stares that looked afraid, distracted, or troubled with an uneasy urgency. I wasn't related to any of them, and they seemed not to want to be a friend. I didn't want to live there. The stories were so full with so much to buy; I didn't think they would ever run out. And the sky was so gloomy and grey, as if it didn't like what was going on. I missed my grandmothers and wanted to go home." Lois Red Elk Why I Return to Makoce  Many Voice Press, c2015

John Prine

Highly recommended read. Makes me think of my Nashville days. I would never go up to the "celebrities" and bother them but we sure crossed paths with them all of the time as graduate students living and studying there.

Inside the Life of John Prine, the Mark Twain of American Songwriting

A morning jolt

Had a morning jolt today when my husband was feeding me a gourmet breakfast (includes beef raised by Karen and Randy Striefel) when I looked up and spotted a Yellow-shafted Flicker on our sunflower feeder. This is very unusual in deep North Dakota Winter as these birds are a harbinger of spring on the prairie; however we live in the city and feeders abound.  January 25, 2017 10:49 a.m.  Photo by Jim Fuglie

A place I love visiting here in my hometown

A place here in my hometown I love visiting, for the architecture and the peace, and the company.  I was blessed to arrive on the right moment on Winter Solstice 2016 when the sun came out and the shadow of the cross appeared on the building in my view.  University of Mary.  Designed by Marcel Brueher

Book Lust

Working day

Fruit not candy

Eat the fruit and not the candy

My "Irish Twin" My Brother

My "Irish Twin" My Brother.  Yes I'm proud of him.  Be nice to the next hard-working TSA agent that crosses your path too.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Taize is in my opinion a very healing service.


Badlands on the Brink

This is an interesting read if you can get your hands on this publication and find the time.  Check your local library.

Feeling creative

Delivering poetry

Standing Rock

News flash from my home town

The Tribes response as per this source

Pretty Butte

Just had a lovely brief conversation down memory lane with my mother and we were talking about Pretty Butte and Trudie Bradec.  Feel better Mom!

my ongoing fight with Excel

Had a little victory with Excel today in the quiet of my kitchen.  It's the little things in life.

Message from The Pope

Dire Warning from Pope Frances



Nice guy. Good team

Nice guy.  Good doctor.  He and his team worked magic on my husband yesterday.   Dr. Michael Quast

Book Captures Memphis' Musical Glory

A book review I wrote for the local paper some years ago on the book Memphis Going Down.


A little over a year ago I chose to go on a low-acid diet. To cure my acid reflux. Lost over 40 pounds in a year. No more reflux. Now I can treat myself to 1/2 a cup of coffee again first thing in the morning. Well, in truth, cafe au lait. Look it up. No caffeine after 10 a.m. Tiny amounts of dark chocolate as a sinful treat. I'm listening to my neighborhood Great Horned Owl hoot as I write this in the pre-dawn darkness here on the Northern Plains.


"Not thinking about anything is zen. Once you know this, walking, standing, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is zen." Boddhidharma Personally, my finest zen moments these days are when I am sleeping.  

Monday, January 23, 2017

The continuing tales of our Springer Spaniel

Lizzie declares Jan. 20th National I Don't Give A Shit Day

pondering humor

"As many people have noted, the Women’s March this weekend, in addition to being forceful, moving, and, yes, huge, was funny. Actually, it was hilarious, a vindication of the humor of women performed on a stage that stretched the whole world wide. Walking down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C., members of my little squadron kept gleefully pointing out signs and costumes to one another. “Girls Just Wanna Have FUN-damental Rights” was a popular one, as was “Grab Him by the First Amendment.” There were many entries in the tiny-hands category, as in “Keep Your Tiny Hands Off Our First Amendment.” Some people were justifiably dark: “Sex Offenders Cannot Live in Government Housing.” There were enough uterus-themed signs to make up their own genre. Every pussy hat was a punch line."  
One view of Saturday's Womens' March

Chelsea Sorenson, Linda Weispfenning, and Lillian Crook

Debi Rogers, Sue Bicknell, Lillian Crook and Linda Weispfenning and, of course, Sakakawea

My handmade sign which I donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota

Dear Blog, I have a stove for sale.

Electric Stove for sale

Works good (well, the center Jenn Air doesn't work anymore but the burners and oven all get hot so there's the important point).  Very clean.  Includes original cookbook and the original receipt.   Must pick up and pay cash.

Rachel Carson

I'm needing some inspiration tonight about a brave and inspiring woman.  American Experience: Rachel Carson

Lizzie's bored

Bored dog


Then I discover these awesome lighted tweezers. Made in China. Shipped here so I could buy in Bismarck. $4.99

Can't help but

Can't help but think of a certain President who brags that he's not changed diapers.


The older and wiser I get the more of an omnivore I become. Still don't dig sauerkraut though.


First time in new yoga studio across the bridge from my house.

Toil continues on book inventory

Toiling away at book inventory at Red Oak House. Been looking forward to getting to this one Ex Libris.  This was a gift to me from my wonderful Vanderbilt University friend Pastor Pamela Estes.

Still dark outside

That 5:30 a.m. wakeup call from the newspaper delivery person who is stuck at the end of your driveway in the snow and your injured husband gets out of bed & goes to pull him out with the chain and Jeep. Guess I'll get a couple extra hours of work done this morning.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Making history

Peaceful where I was

The Opera

Date night at the Opera with my husband, on our TV.  Great Performances.  Bel Canto, based on the novel by Ann Patchett.  We visited her bookstore in Nashville and, of course, liked it.   Tonight's viewing prompted my husband to wonder about Hettinger native Korliss Uecker.  Here ya go  Hettinger native/opera star

"Tin foil"

I used to work for a lovely Lady who gently teased me when I called aluminum foil "Tin Foil".  Gotta smile

The Land of Little Rain

While I catalog our book collection I listen to my friend Terry read The Land of Little Rain.


When I was in elementary school in El Paso, TX I, like the others of my generation, had a collection of troll dolls I kept in a cigar box.  Long gone.  I have little tolerance for trolls now unless they are harmless and creative entertainment.  And yes I've read and seen Lord of the Rings.  Multiple times.

Mountain Time Zone in ND

A younger me used to cling to the notion that MT time zone be preserved in western ND.  Older me says change it at the MT border and make ND all Central Time.

A thought on technology today

So I work at home from my HP laptop in my kitchen, running Windows.  I prefer Chrome and gmail.  Windows does not like this and regularly scolds me about this problem but I prevail.  My Google pixel phone and I are also becoming best friends.  It's a Google World folks.  Like it or not.  It keeps us connected and I can only hope safe.  Inevitably we will all be hacked.  Get used to it.

When you are in deep ND winter

When you are in deep ND winter you multi-task: laundry, cataloging your book collection and listening to The Thomas Jefferson Hour are included in your tasks.
The Thomas Jefferson Hour

Planning for spring

Spring will come and gardens will be planted.

Tony Bender

Great read North Dakotans and those of you who care about North Dakotans


I believe that in my Psyche I love sunflowers because to me this was when we came home to the prairie from various distant Army posts including Okinawa.

The Legend Next Door

You never know who your postal delivery person might be.

Icicles and aspen

Snow melt at my house

Homemade tomato juice from our garden

Another simple pleasure of the morning


A yellow quilt on my bed at Red Oak House. Quilt made by my namesake Lillian Hovick in Slope County.

An important read by a good writer

About my good friend Jan Swenson, by a great writer Richard Manning

Prairie Smoke

Simple pleasures of the day.

Mobile blogging

So I figured out mobile blogging on my Google phone. It's a Google day.


How mass media missed the march that social media turned into a phenomenon.

I had at least one friend who thought perhaps I had organized the Bismarck March because I had done something so simple as invite him on Facebook.

The empowerment of technology is a wonderment.  We are connected.  Let's treat each other with an acknowledgement of that.  Pretty please.

Lizzie AKA Fuzzy Butt. The Springer Spaniel

Some morning just getting to the chest of drawers is a challenge.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Exaggeration = Marketing = Donald J. Trump

  1. a statement that represents something as better or worse than it really is.
    "it would be an exaggeration to say I had morning sickness, but I did feel queasy"
    synonyms:overstatementoveremphasismagnificationamplification, aggrandizement; More
    • the action of making statements that represent something as better or worse than it really is.
      "he was prone to exaggeration"

An inspiring speech today from the ND State Library steps on the occasion of the Women's March

Winter day in Bismarck

At the ND Women's March Linda Weispfenning, Lillian Crook, Sue Bicknell and Debi Rogers

Things you do while you're living at Red Oak House

an homage to my sisters

Everyone should have such great sisters as I for their journey through life.

Great way to end a shitty day

Yesterday was rather a shitty day here for myriad reasons but this was a great way to end it.

The Avetts on The Late Show

Friday, January 20, 2017

Always interested in new books

In her own words

Prairie Legacy Wilderness proposal

So here's something I care deeply about.  Wild breathing spaces in ND.

Prairie Legacy Wilderness

Fallen Angel

True fact. Once I belonged to an informal social group of women in Dickinson. We were called "The Divine Order of the Fallen Angels". I think the women are all alive and kicking. I wish them all well.

Retirement work

Planning for tomorrow

Here's good advice I intend to follow tomorrow here in the heart of North Dakota from the event organizers.

What you need to know for Saturday:
1) Dress warmly. It is supposed to be 30-35 degrees, but we will be outside for over an hour.
2) Wear comfortable shoes for standing and walking. If you will have trouble standing for an hour, feel free to bring a chair.
3) Understand there may be counter protestors. The best way to handle this is to ignore and not engage. We want our event to be a positive and uplifting, so best to focus on what we are doing and not on any others who seek to distract us.
4) The event will begin with a rally at 1pm at the State Library steps. That will last about an hour. We will then march down to the Boulevard to wave signs and continue the event.
5) Join us afterwards at the Unitarian Universalist Church for hot chocolate and snacks, located at 818 E Divide Ave.
6) Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Lighting a fire

Then you light a fire to stay warm, rid the house of varnish fumes and generally rid the world of bad juju.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

for those of you who love ND and science here ya go


Now as a tax-paying citizen of these great UNITED STATES I'm torqued. Those of us who are not billionaires need our public lands as breathing spaces. We are in part a GREAT country because of these shared spaces.



"The moment you accept what troubles you've been given, the door will open."


more DIY stuff at my house

More DIY stuff at our house today in Bismarck.  The fumes are a little much but must get this sort of thing done in the deep winter.

Feeling crafty this morning

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

These two. Their courage. I had the privilege to have breakfast with them one morning in Mandan, ND

These two.  Their courage.  Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly.  I had the privilege of having breakfast with them one time in Mandan, ND.  So strong and inspirational.  Resilience personified.

North Dakota

In tears

Right at this moment I am tears at the generosity of friends, old and new, who have donated to my daughter's GoFundMe fund for new technology.  And frustrated because irony of ironies, I can't get the documentation to print out for my files.  But I'm determined and I'll get 'er done.  I have great friends!


Just to be crystal clear here this is not a pornography blog.  You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who abhors porn more than me NONETHELESS I am acquainted with the amendment that protects free speech.  I am, after all, a retired librarian.  Have a nice day!

I am blessed to live on Arthur Drive

Memory of a great guy from the past, may he rest in peace, Ev Albers, the creator of the North Dakota Humanities Council.  A piece from his innovative electronic journal that predates blogging.  He lived and died in the house a few doors down from where we now live on Arthur Drive in Bismarck, ND

Wendell Berry, Chel Sorenson and Brother Jim

My sisters and I get away from it all on a hike. Let me be clear here that I don't give a rat's ass what the name is of any wild horses we encounter on the hiking trail.

The Federalist Papers

So when you are a nerd you spend the winter reading The Federalist Papers.

My husband has a blog too


Christmas trip to McKenzie County ND

Christmas trip to McKenzie County
And this is what recycling and garbage day looks like when there are big snow banks at our house here in central Bismarck.   We recycle as much as we can manage.  Snowfall at this point in Bismarck at historic levels but it is melting today.  Cheers.