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Thursday, August 6, 2020

"It Is Said"

"It is said that if one chooses to pray to a rock with enough devotion, even that rock will come alive. In the same way, once we choose to commit ourselves to spiritual practice, even the mountains and valleys will reverberate to the sound of our purpose." 

365 Tao: Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao (published 1992).

The paperback book a gift to me from my pal, Steve Robbins. The book arrived in the mail on that dark winter day, January 2017, like a prayer bundle. 

Under the ND Champion Red Oak Tree, Summer 2020. A meditation by Lillian Crook

The photo (taken with a Google Pixel 2) is of a prairie boulder in the heart of the shade garden at Red Oak House. Against all odds, the lichen and a tiny patch of short-grass prairie endure in the center of the boulder, surrounded by a sea of shade-loving perennials, exotics, and a North Dakota city. The tiny acorns are from the Red Oak tree above. It is but one place in the yard where I often sit to rest from my labors or remember my place in the universe or watch the busy-ness of my neighborhood. Any mistakes along the journey are mine. A dear and wise friend tells she is pretty sure the universe forgives me. 

This is my home ground, my bedrock.  

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