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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Red Oak House Garden Notes No. 62

We need rain at Red Oak House. But the new ice maker in the fridge seems to work. My mother would say, maybe when we kids were asking for something that might not be reasonable, "People in hell want ice-water." But, a small celebration was held here when I scored a brand-new Margaritaville blender (our vintage blender on its last legs and I like smoothies) at a yard sale across the street from my sister's house. 30 bucks for an appliance that retails around $100+. We will share said appliance with the Walbys for family gatherings (and store said appliance in our pantry for such occasions). And the circle of joy was completed when we sent the photo below to our old friend who has known Buffett keyboardist Utley most of their lives. No, we didn't get to meet Buffett himself but that's not the point. Utley graciously signed our vintage vinyl and we share the swag and joy of the concert in Minneapolis in the midst of a monster winter snowstorm and we returned home to Bismarck safely with wonderful memories of our first live Buffett concert. 

Praying Hands Hosta seems to be taking hold despite the drought of 2020. 

A moment of morning coffee Zen.

Paying tribute on the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Forward progress is forward progress.

Spotted on the game shelf on a recent round through Target store.

Tomato juice making

Red Oak House rodents visit the back patio

Ruby-throated Hummingbird visits Red Oak House annual

A shop-vac is a good investment. Don't ask. 

Kinda fun to remember 1977 and savor the infinite connections of one's life. Tomatoes from Jim's garden and Suchy beef in the tacos. Lost Shaker of Salt from an old friend of Jim's. But, yes, Jim & I have been to Key West. That was a "trip" -- an odyssey. 



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