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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Attending "Who Decides What's Sacred" a program by Clay Jenkinson

This morning I attended a talk at the Bismarck Unitarian Universalist Church, as a part of their Sunday worship.  I have many friends who are members there and it was wonderful to catch up with them, including Dina Butcher, Vinod and Aruna Seth, Dean and Pat Conrad, and the inimitable C.J.

The title of Clay's talk was "Who Decides What's Sacred?" and he challenged us in a very vigorous and thoughtful manner to consider the DAPL crisis in the context of history, comparing what happened in North Dakota this summer to what happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.   He also challenged us to a better understanding of Native American sovereignty.  In my opinion, talks such as Clay's make North Dakota a better and more compassionate place to live here on the northern Great Plains.  You can check out more of his work at his website Clay Jenkinson

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