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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Raking Red Oak leaves

I've spent the morning raking the leaves under the Red Oak tree.  Last winter came very early and hard to North Dakota, so I didn't get most of the leaves raked up in the autumn.   At some point I had a very pleasant interlude when my nice neighbor Myrna came across the street to loan me a book that she knew would be of interest to me.

This time of year the front yard doesn't look very attractive but everything will start growing now.  A gardener must balance between taking each day as it comes and planning ahead for work to be done.

It is very restorative to spend the morning out in the warm sunshine after such a long winter. Pruning is also finished.  

Our trip the other day to Menards for supplies yielded a bonus.  We splurged on a new patio umbrella to replace the old, rotting one.  We went big as the back patio is where we spend so much of our time and it is on the sunny and hot side of the house.  There will be many hours of enjoyment in this place.

Next up will be dividing and moving perennials and working on the long task list I prepared last fall.

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