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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Garlic crop has emerged at Red Oak House

Now that the enormous quantities of snow have melted, the garlic crop at Red Oak House has begun to emerge from under the thick layer of mulch placed in last fall.  This morning I raked off the mulch from the garlic and the strawberry patch.  Jim has gone to the dump with the winter's worth of fallen branches and the results of spring pruning.  Now a light rain is fallen so it is time to drive over to our local Menards and purchase some spring gardening supplies.
We two are really gardening fools here, both having sprung from a long line of gardeners.  We try to grow as much of our food as possible.  With the remaining space, I grow perennials.  Because of this, our patch of grass is a tiny portion of our large lot (I also dislike mowing grass).  Next up is raking the front yard.

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