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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

There is Still Time for "Mail Call"

Hi everyone. There is a little over a week left for you to send a message to my Pa to thank him for his service on Omaha Beach on D-Day. He has been touched by the letters he has received to date. We are going to read selections from these at the D-Day 75th Anniversary program. 

If putting a stamp on an envelope is not your thing, you can send to my email. I'll print & deliver.


  1. It's on the way! I've invited some folks I work with to consider the same!

    1. Wait! I studied your address & see you are my long-lost cousin. :-) So glad you took the time to write to him. I hope more of his kin does. He has, after all, so many. I wish you could be there to see when we sit down & read his letters with him. So moving. This morning, I took him the newspaper filled with images and stories about D-Day and he was absorbed in reading that when I left. He agreed that it is now hard to imagine that he was there all those years ago.