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Friday, July 14, 2017

Red Oak House Garden notes no. 23

Peak daylily time rewards me with new blooms each day.  Here are today's.

Yellow Titan Daylily. These are so large I had to put my hand in for proper perspective.

Baja Daylily

Desert Princess Daylily

Ocean Rainbow Daylily

Daring Deception Daylily

Rose Corsage Daylily

Ginger Girl Daylily

Roses in the Snow Daylily

Enchanted Illusions Daylily

Gordon Biggs Daylily

Ruby Spider Daylily

Creature of the Night Daylily

Carnival in Mexico Daylily

Butter Cream Daylily

Siloam Red Ruby Daylily

Fireberry Daylily

Ernest Daylily

Ruffled Rainbow Daylily

Strutter's Ball Daylily

Lynn's Delight Daylily

Siloam Rainbow Magic Daylily

Spirit Fox Daylily

Jim did a big-time bean harvest today and has frozen a bunch for our winter enjoyment.

We are triumphant over winning the battle with the rascally rabbits this year!  Pesto/shrimp pizza with our broccoli & tomatoes for supper.

And how about this glorious cloudburst? A horrific drought makes such a rainstorm ever so sweeter.  All of our plants are so stressed by nothing but city water for so many weeks (to not mention our water bill).  Both Jim & I stood outside and got WET, we were so tickled by it.  .75" and counting.............

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