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Monday, February 27, 2017

Chelsea's new IT equipment and her gift to her Grandma

To close the circle on my GoFundMe campaign for my daughter's Chelsea's new IT fund, here is the final chapter. 

Her new laptop and printer are up and running. She also had enough money for new speakers, a charger for her new camera, a new Kindle and a few miscellaneous things like spare ink and a couple of shirts for her new parttime job at the Dollar Store. Finally, she paid it forward by gifting her 84-year-old Gram, Marian Crook, with her old laptop, Gram's very first computer. All in all, a heartwarming story. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart friends, for your generosity, and for renewing our belief that there are good hearts all around us in this life.
 Note Chelsea's new T-Shirt I bought her that says "Meanwhile she Purrsisted".  I love her smile and her cozy apartment.  p.s.  We did some cleaning while I was there.  I took Lizzie with me and she cruised around harvesting some crumbs off the floor before she settled into a spot where she felt comfortable to crash.
Marian Crook with her new gmail account in her Edgewood Vista Mandan apartment.   Like a kid with a new toy or a teenager with a new tool.  Baby steps.   Eventually we'll get her on Facebook.  

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