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Sunday, February 12, 2017

So my husband had back surgery

So our pre-surgical experience two days ago was pretty entertaining. My husband's nurse was one of his sister Jill's classmates so he was treated like Hettinger royalty (she was pretty funny herself) and we traded stories of old friends. Then Eve Suchy popped in too (surgical nurse for a different patient). Then the incomparable Jill Wiese came over and visited with us to pass the time from our 1:30 arrival until they finally took him away at 7:30 p.m. for his date with our friend the neurosurgeon Dr. Van Norman!! We live in a great town. Thanks everyone. Jokes were cracked by all parties (well, except for the surgeon) the entire time. When Jim woke up later in his room, he said to me "I didn't croak". Not that I ever thought he would. I had earlier FORBIDDEN him from any Last Supper jokes because those do tend to freak me out a little. I didn't need any more stress. Now if I could just teach the dog to vacuum, mop floors, clean bathrooms, and cook, LIFE WOULD BE GREAT. Fortunately it is winter here and we both have plenty of reading to catch up on.

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