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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Find Your Park

Although it is so very difficult to choose, I'd have to say that Theodore Roosevelt National Park is MY park.  Blessed I am to live nearby.  How I hope that people grasp what an important place it is to North Dakota, and to our nation.  My children love it too, and I've taken them there countless times in their young lives.

All we needed for yesterday's excursion was a couple of water bottles and our binoculars and cameras.  It was 55 degrees in February, the ice is out on the Little Missouri River, there were very few other visitors, and we saw plenty of wildlife including bison and prairie dogs and a magpie and golden eagle.  Chelsea's favorite, wild horses, were here & there as well.  She took some good photographs.  If you are interested in her photography, you can find her Facebook page at Chelsea Sorenson Photos, including some of her photos from yesterday's excursion.

Meanwhile, here are a few of mine.  We made the best of a midwinter thaw here in Dakotaland and even got to squeeze in lunch in Belfield with my nephew and brother-in-law, Michael and Craig McLaughlin.  Life is good.

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