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Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Chocolate" at the North Dakota Heritage Center

"Only when we know little things do we know anything; doubt grows with knowledge." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

With the exception of my home, my favorite human-made place in the state is the North Dakota Heritage Center.  I live a short distance from there and go very frequently, to view the exhibits, to eat lunch, to do research at the State Archives, and just to hang out in their pleasant spaces. Heck, I just like to drive by! It is one of ND's crown jewels.

This morning I went there to see the temporary exhibit "Chocolate", something that has been on "my list" for months.  And learn more about chocolate, did I. From the tree on which the pods grow, to the Mayan and Aztec cultures, to the spread of chocolate around the world, and more.

All of this made me want to eat some chocolate, so I made a pass through the excellent James River Cafe for an indulgence.

Then, I strolled over to check out their new exhibit on World War I.  I highly recommend both exhibits.  When I was living in Medora, I worked as a museum technician for Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  I love museums and visit as many as I can.  Kudos to the hard-working and talented staff at the North Dakota Heritage Center.  What a good investment of our tax dollars.

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