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Monday, August 28, 2017

Rain at Red Oak House

Over an inch of rain in the gauge when we returned from Colorado and some showers this week reminded us that it still can rain in this country, and for this we give thanks.

I spent Saturday afternoon sitting on the patio, nursing my knee injury and reading a book that I'm reviewing, but I eventually retreated to the house, to listen to Prairie Home Companion and catch up on some work on my laptop.

Jim dug half of the Pontiac Red potatoes and he cooked two for supper, along with broccoli, accompanied by grilled steaks from our brother-in-law.  The broccoli has been abundant, from a few small plants we bought last spring from Cottontail Greenhouse south of Mandan.

The freezer is almost full and just needs an infusion of walleye from the fall Missouri River bite and some pheasants and goose.  Then, it is Bring on the Dakota winter!   My sister gifted us with some of her beautiful garlic, to supplement our pitiful harvest.

I'm not sure why, but I've put the autumn decor out early this year.  Perhaps it is a sign of weariness of this hot and dry summer and readiness for the glorious cool and blue days of September in North Dakota. Perhaps my cue is the arrival of the chrysanthemums.  Listening to Jim and Jeff talk about the fall bite on the river puts me in the mood, for certain.  None of us particularly like hot weather.

Jim is coaxing hundreds of green tomatoes to ripen, in the face of soon-to-come frost.  He applied fertilizer to hasten the process as per the advice of my Aunt Frances and he is severely pruning the plants too. Hopefully, this week's return to high 80s will do its magic.

A couple of late daylilies have peeked out, the last of this season.  Soon enough it will be time to cut back all of the foliage to prepare for winter.  But for now, we enjoy the fruits of our labor and I hope you do as well.
Droopy Drawers Daylily

Strawberry Cream Cupcake

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