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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Rhythms of life: family and garden

"       all that we behold
Is full of blessings"   William Wordsworth

I spent some of the morning with my nonagenarian father, who teaches me each day about dignity and stoicism.  When out in public, he almost always wears a hat, and these hats tell about his life.

I think the fact that he was in the US Army Security Agency reveals much about him, and his sense of duty.  I remember as a girl when he would often be looking for clues of poachers or other such miscreants who might be in the neighborhood.  This made it challenging as a teenager, since, in the long run, one couldn't get away with much (on one memorable occasion, when I had missed curfew, my parents made me clean out the chicken coop--what a miserable day!).  Oh, and the fact that he had a CB radio meant we teenagers were also somewhat monitored.  

Each day my father looks more and more like his mother, Lena Bell, aka Mama Crook, with that square and clenched Ellis jaw.  I have that jaw and that way of setting my jaw when I'm having to dig deep for determination.  So does my Aunt Fran, one of his sisters.

He has always been a wonderful storyteller and appreciates a good joke.  Whenever he sees my husband, he asks about the fishing.  His brother tried to convince him once that he'd be a good tournament fisher, and, though it wasn't the path he took in life, I'm sure my uncle was right.

You can read more about my Daddy and his service in the US Army here.

In my garden, the daylilies are waning.

Paha Sapa Dreamcatcher

Triumphal Processsion Daylily
Jim canned the first jars of tomato juice and made more pickles.

I cooked the promised tomatoes stuffed with black rice risotto, along with a slab of baked salmon, taking advantage of the cool weather in which to bake.  We will ate it on the patio, savoring the last few moments here on the northern plains to eat outside.

Cheers to you gentle reader!

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