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Monday, January 1, 2018

Owl Moon

Last night I was still awake at midnight and, upon hearing the noise of fireworks, put down my book and looked out the windows. The luminous full Wolf moon on the white, almost blue, landscape brought to mind one of my favorite children's books Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.

It is a wondrous story of a father taking his little girl out in the deep snow on the night of a full moon, and ask they walked in the woods they hooted for owls.

This was also a favorite of my daughters and when it came time for them to choose which of the children's book collection I would keep, it was one they chose, along with Where the Wild Things Are and Owl Babies and a few others. (When I had my yard sale and advertised children's books, lots of people came for that very reason. It was painful to give these up.)

Last night the moonlight was so bright that I could see shadows of the tree branches in the snow. Sadly, no owls in my yard.

Treat yourself to this video reading of Owl Moon.

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