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Thursday, May 25, 2017

A short garden update on this late May day

Whilst I'm awaiting the full glory of the irises, there are some happenings in the garden.

With my rummage sale booty, I purchased ten new hostas.  Hostas were on sale at one of my local garden centers, so I lucked out!    My husband traveled this week to Washburn to watch the Hettinger baseball team play. Naturally, I sent him on a mission to the Baldwin Greenhouse for zinnias.  The last of the bedding plants should go in on Saturday.

Clematis under the Red Oak Tree

So much growth these past years on the Globe Blue Spruce

I've already mentioned how much I like to see the year's new growth on the evergreens.  In this case, the yew.  Isn't the lime color eye-popping?

I'm so very pleased about this fern peony.  After spending a lot of moola on fern peonies from the local garden center only to watch them die, I bought this one a couple of years ago at a neighborhood rummage sale.  Although the blossoms aren't top shelf, I'm thrilled the plant has survived and hopeful that it will become more beautiful as the years go by.

Dang, but I like to garden!

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