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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Going back in time to the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Today, after dealing with an Internet scammer that chose my daughter as their latest victim, I just want to go back to my childhood, when the biggest problem facing us was the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The US Army was preparing my mother for this by telling her where it was she should take her preschool children should the nuclear crisis strike, and telling her how she would reunite with her school-age children, my older brother and sister.   Where my father fits into all of this I'm not clear on, but I suspect he and his buddies were on high alert.

Meanwhile, I planted flowers in my patio pots at Red Oak House, and my husband transplanted the tomato seedlings to larger pots in their final stage until these are transferred into the garden.  Oh, and we grilled some delicious steaks from our brother-in-law Randy Striefel (I don't even want to think about how hard he works to raise those cows!) and there was a beautiful sunset at my house in North Dakota.

So, it is true, it is all about perspective.  That, and BE SUSPICIOUS.   Always be suspicious.

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