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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Red Oak House garden update May 6, 2017

Here at Red Oak House, it was a sunny 84-degree day and so many things in the garden are popping it is worthy of a photo update.   It has been a very busy day here.  Jim did some cultivating and got some vegetables planted.  It is pine pollen season and everything is coated with the fine chartreuse pollen dust, including the furniture inside I just cleaned this morning.   Oh, and, for the record, we did drink coffee and eat breakfast on the back patio.  Bliss.

In one single day, the juneberry blossoms popped! Note to us: get the nets on as soon as the tiny berries start to develop.  To us, juneberries are like gold.

I got the patio pots done

The aspen leaves have begun to unfurl and are rustling in the breeze

Golden Carousel Barberry glows this time of year

The Red Splendor Crabapple is showing a hint of blossom

In the front I got the new Arctic Fire dogwoods planted

The front patio is finished.  


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