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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Today's Red Oak House gardening news including giveaways

My husband is outside on the patio as I write this transplanting some of his thriving heirloom tomato seedlings into larger pots.

Soon we will commence our annual argument on the timing of the relocation of these precious plants into our garden.  This is, after all, North Dakota, and some years we've had a hard freeze on Memorial Day.  I am the more cautious of the two of us and he is equally as stubborn, but the eternal optimist, and prefers planting these on about May 15th.

Our friend Clay writes beautifully about his garden in his recent blog post "Our Garden".  Do give it a read and you may be inspired!

Jim says we have a couple of June Pink tomato seedlings to give away.  If you'd like to be the recipient of one of these and can pick it up, contact him at

There is nothing like the taste of our garden tomatoes come August and we will turn these into juice and marinara and other tasty delights.  Stay tuned.

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