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Monday, May 8, 2017

Wild Violets

It is a blustery spring day at Red Oak House with the front passing through that brought thunder and rain to the northern plains this morning bringing a stiff breeze to rustle the new leaves everywhere.   I can hear the chipping sparrows in the backyard.  Any day now the white-crowned sparrows will pass through.

We are mostly done with the clean-up from last evening's backyard party that brought together some of the finest friends and family that anyone could ever hope for  -- kind, interesting, smart, and witty folks -- and I'm basking in the afterglow of their good company.

In the garden, the wild violets that the Smeenks planted are fully in bloom (the original owners of the house--we are the third owners-- I shall write about them more on another day).

Wild violets May 7, 2017

The new leaves are unfurling on the birch tree, but it is still bedecked with this season's catkins.  Soon this tree will fully shade Jim's office.

Birch tree in side yard

With the ground saturated, it is time for a brief pause from gardening chores to catch up with indoor tasks and reading and such.

I hope, gentle reader, that the sky is as blue where you are as it is here.

p.s. I am rejoicing in the news that Macron was elected.  Viva la France! 

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