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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gardening in ND in May

So here we are. Gardening in North Dakota.  Not for sissies.

The weather has changed. Again.  Frost warnings.  I've taken in some of the patio pots.

It's a drag, but it is what we must do.  Too much invested in these plants, after all. It'll just be a couple of days and we'll be back to normal.

The columbine have begun to bloom.  There will be more.
Columbine given to me by my neighbor, Myrna

And I just love the tiny lime green shoots that the globe blue spruce send out this time of year.
Globe Blue Spruce

This cold snap will pass in a couple of days and then it'll be time for me to put out my annual seedlings.  Remember, I'm the more cautious gardener of this household.  Then, besides the constant pulling of weeds and dead-heading, it will be time to enjoy the beauty and wait for the vegetables.

This is my indoor workspace

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