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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Busy times at Red Oak House

The twins with their Mama (moi)
It is such a busy time at Red Oak House.  So much is happening in the garden.  More on that later.

But, first, this weekend was filled with the gift of family.  My sister Sarah brought my daughter Rachel from Dickinson for the weekend.  Sunday my day started with brunch with my daughters and husband.  They presented me with perhaps the nicest Mother's Day gift I've ever received, a print of one of my daughter's stand-out photographs of a wild stallion taken in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
I hung the picture in a place of honor just above the Paul Goble originals in the Library
Then we had my Mother and my sisters over for a picnic of fried chicken and the fixings on the patio, and sat and visited, honoring the tradition much like so many across the U.S. Our good-natured husbands and my nephew Ryan Walby joined in on the fun, but dodged the picture-taking.
Sarah, Lillian, Beckie, & Marian Crook

There are new blossoms in the garden daily.  After company left, I completed the hard labor of dividing and moving daylilies as per my notes of last summer.  There is already so much new growth on the daylilies that it is difficult to cut them back and dig them up, but this is what must be done.  I make a mental note and confer with my sister and we hope to confine our future dividing to fall instead (last fall we were too busy settling our mother into her new apartment to get to it).

Common lilacs
 I brought a huge vase of lilacs into our bedroom and sent home a vaseful with my Mother as this is perhaps her favorite flower.
False Solomon's Seal

Grape Orbit Iris
Cache of Gold Iris
Phlox in my front yard rock garden
Allium blooming
My husband surveying the vegetable garden.  So far he's winning the battle with the rabbits

Live Coals Iris

New birds in the yard this weekend were the yellow warbler and a least flycatcher.  This evening I capture this charming 46 secod video of the house wren adding material to the wren house. In this case, he is placing a blossom from the crabapple tree to pad his nest. I would have liked to have captured his song but oh well......

Now it is time to turn attention to pulling off the rummage sale this weekend I've been planning for months.  I've not held one for about 12 years and the last time I said I'd never do it again and this time I'm saying I'll never do it again.  It is nice to have the basement clean and tidy.  Wish me luck!

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